Company Profile

Headquartered in Dubai, Maxus Coral is a distributor and an omnichannel retailer of technology with over two decades of experience in distribution management and channel development.

Using our geographical presence and expertise in the Middle East, South East Asia & Africa, we work with some of the world's largest brands to help them target the emerging markets and work with some of the world's largest retailers to help them strengthen their merchandising capabilities. Under the patronage of our founder, Sunil Chopra, we have built an organization that employs 150 people globally, manages over 20,000 SKUs across categories and delivers nearly 5,000 units a day across 6 global regions.

Why Maxus?

"Maxus Coral, part of Amber Holdings, is an organization "Driven by Innovation" – a mantra that is instilled into the core of our day-to-day operations. We believe that we are more than your everyday distribution partner as we continually strive for new ways to disrupt the traditional vendor-customer model and chart our own path. We are the exception from the norm."

  • Operational Infrastructure

    Our strategic locations in the UAE give us immediate access to the local and regional markets. Over the years we have built an organization that employs 150 people globally, manages over 20,000 SKUs across categories and delivers nearly 5,000 units a day across 6 global regions. We have the infrastructure and scale to manage a wide range of SKUs, deliver merchandise within a quick timeframe and ultimately cater to customers across channels and geographies.
  • First Mover Advantage

    Given our mantra of ‘Driven by Innovation’, we are always on the forefront of technology and regularly the first company in the region to source and supply the next generation of products. This first mover advantage provides us with the ability to meet any requirements that our customers have for the latest gadgets in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Strategic Pricing

    Through long tenured relationships and a structured global procurement process, we have been able to develop the capabilities to access competitive pricing which we are then able to pass on to our partners.
  • Product & Brand Portfolio

    We take pride in the aspect that we serve as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for our partners due to the diversity of our brand/product portfolio. We have strategic tie ups with various leading global brands and we keep ourselves abreast with the dynamics of the ever-evolving technology market and nuances of the global trade.
  • End To End Capabilities

    From door to door delivery of merchandise to after sales service, we are fully geared to assist our channel partners with an end to end solution that allows them to minimize their potential risks, focus on their core operations and maximize profitability. We are with you every step of the way
  • Corporate Reputation

    Maxus Coral has established itself as one of the region’s most preferred distribution houses and we have built our hard-earned reputation by delivering on our commitments to our stake holders on a consistent basis and always being a step ahead of our competition.

Message from our Managing Director

Message from our Managing Director

“When I entered the business in the 90’s, the dynamics of the market were much different to today. My manager at the time told me that only one factor drives sales in this industry, the price of our products. There was no emphasis on relationships, human capital, customer service or any other “non-tangible” factor. However, over time, as sure as the sun rises at dawn, none of these companies lasted and all eventually closed doors. When the time came for me to launch my own venture, I knew that our strategy had to evolve. Since inception our mantra has focused less on pricing but more on providing the highest quality service to the customer. Whether it’s an end consumer in our retail channel or a strategic partner in our distribution channel, our aim is to provide an unparalleled level of service that simply cannot be replicated by our competitors; a service so strong that it is neither affordable nor practical for the customer to not work with us. So far, the strategy seems to be working as we have grown our operations on a global scale and work with some of the world’s largest brands and retailers. These relationships are hard-earned as we have built them over our decades of experience and strict dedication to placing our clients’ needs ahead of everything else. We are excited for what the future holds for us and look forward to fighting for our clients’ trust on a daily basis.”

Thank You!
Sunil Chopra